Air Conditioner

We offer professional filling and diagnostics of car air conditioners. Our certified and professional masters perform diagnostics and filling of car air conditioning systems using the latest generation equipment.
With the help of diagnostics, the cause of damage to the air conditioner system can be determined. One of the reasons for the failure of the air conditioner is freon leakage. Diagnostics allows you to determine the leak.

During the diagnostics, we will perform the following tasks:
♦ Computer diagnostics of the air conditioner system
♦ In the pressure measurement system
♦ Measurement of freon quantities
If there is no vacuum in the system, then we do not fill the gas inside.

♦ Diagnosis of the air conditioner system before filling from 15 to 35 EUR
♦ Filling the air conditioner system with R134a gas 5 Eur/100g
Filling the air conditioner of an average passenger car with inspection costs from 35 to 80 EUR.

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