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Test winner (shared) confirmed by following magazines:

tm motor

Tekniikan Maailma (Fi) 26/9-12
Motor (No) Nr 7 2012
TehnikaMaailm Nr 167 2012
Aftonbladet Bil Nr 7 2012

"Goodyears new studded tire proves great performance on ice and snow, especially good in acceleration and braking"

"The tire is easy to handle and offers great and precise steering response in extreme situations"

Place: 4th
"Goodyear with its transverse grooves and with the wide trail of the stud, breaks really effective on ice - best in test on this task"

Place: 2nd
"Goodyear and their sibling-brand Dunlop have really lifted their winter performance to new heights. In other words, we can say that it wasn't a one time event when Goodyear's Nordic non-studded tire UltraGrip Ice+ won our entire winter tire test two years ago"

"The three best braking tires are at the moment Goodyear(studded), Dunlop(non studded nordic) and Dunlop (Studded)"

Place: 2nd
(shared, 4th in tot)
"Goodyear UG Ice Arctic is easy to handle and offers a neutral and logical behavior in extreme situations."

"A good result for a new product"